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solar robotic cleaning machine

Our Autonomous Robotic Cleaning Machines (RCM’S) is an intelligent Solar O&M solution that cleans and monitors Solar panels and can increase the yield and generation of your plant up to 30 % and increase the savings and return on investment. Our RCMS can be customized and designed according to your requirements and decrease the Apex cost of your solar plants.
Why Use our autonomous Robotic Cleaning Machines?

  • – Intelligent Robot Machine.
  • – Water less solution.
  • – Highly weather resistance.
  • – More than 40 patents worldwide.
  • – High quality components.
  • – Aluminum structure mainframe.
  • – Works well and highly stable in desert and cold regions.
  • – Ideal solution for solar farms.

FSR Hybrid

The autonomy of the gasoline engine meets the clean energy of the battery power, giving several advantages:

– Up to 7.5 non-stop working hours

– Very low consumption’s and great autonomy: up to 40,000 sq. m. with a full tank of gasoline

– Very silent

– More than 4 hours with zero emissions when electrically powered

– Up to 69% CO2 reduction

– Dramatic time reduction for battery charge

– Possibility to work indoors and outdoors with great versatility

– High reliability

– Low maintenance costs

floor cleaning machine
robotic cleaning machine

Robotic Solar Cleaning Systems

Providing world’s most efficient Robotic Solar Cleaning solution for PV Solar Farms. It is designed to withstand Extreme Weather conditions!


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