Bring Life Back to your Solar System

- Minimize your energy yield losses.
- Avoid generation losses up to 35-50 %
-Increase your PV system lifetime.


Robotic Cleaning Machines

Triple A provides professional and latest industry standards solar robotic cleaning solutions in Jordan and the region with experienced engineers and technicians.Using the latest state of the art technologies and materials with up to 25 years annual maintenance contracts, Our intelligent cleaning robots are designed to increase your energy generation, maintain panels warranty and performance of the panels. Our solutions are designed to be installed on fixed ground mounted, carport, and also can be customizable for rooftop applications. Our team provides turn-key design and engineering, installation and commissioning and after service to our valued clients.

Key Benefits

Daily Cleaning

Helps generation up to more than 98%.

No Water Wastage.

Dry Ice Cleaning process eliminates the usage of water.

3D Liquid Forging Parts

High strength metal parts.

Weather Resistant

Operates from-35 to 65 Degrees.

Full Monitoring

Long range wireless communication, cloud based

Minimal maintenance.

Minimal preventive maintenance is needed.


Light and non heavy parts

Fully Autonmous.

Self-powered and requires no electricity supply

Dust shall never shade the brightness

solar robotic cleaning machine

Boson solar farm cleaning robots

Boson combines cutting-edge technology to provide innovative solutions for the construction, management and optimization of photovoltaic and wind power new energy projects.


Solar cleaning robot ready for mass deployment in existing solar farms with outstanding gap spanning features.We offer comprehensive customized products and service accommodating various demands of solar farms.

Features and Properties

solar robotic cleaner solar robotic machine


High stability and reliability.


Ceramic axis of self lubrication, combined with specially designed brush system to clean dust and bird droppings effectively. Intelligent Mobilizing adjustable by SCADA. Only work in early morning or late evening, freeing precious daytime for power generation. Dew detection to Mobilize, using heavenly water for cleaning bird drops.

Weather Resistance

Whole aluminum structure + plastic & ceramic bearing system of self lubrication + high strength metal parts made by 3D liquid forging tech + anti-UV casing of shape memory composite material + fast transient burst immunity level IV, our robots work stable and withstand extremities of heat, humidity, coldness, salt-mist and sand storm.

solar robotic cleaning solar robotic machine
Engineering, Installation & Commissioning services

Our expert team provide high end engineering services to our customers by providing complete EPC solution regards to robotic machines. Our team of engineers and technicians provide a turn-key solution for robotic cleaning engineering and construction, spare parts management, mounting structure design & installation, Remote SCADA monitoring and complete after sales services.

Monitoring and Performance

It is recommended for the robotic machines to be scheduled in the evening shift or early morning to offer a smooth operation, thus providing daily cleaning and minimizing energy losses. Monitoring for our RCM and PV systems is extensively made by using Full Scada monitoring systems and programmable daily schedules with minimal preventive maintenance.

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