Power & Energy Generation

Dry Ice Cleaning is effectively used to clean power generation plants using non-toxic and non-conductive techniques to safely clean various contaminants such as oil, grease, sots and others on the spot. We are able to clean equipment of any size without the use of any chemicals or hazardous materials and substances. Our methods and procedures use safety procedures while increasing the productivity and minimizing failures with highly trained and experienced team that use the necessary personal protection equipment and PPEs.


Turbines and Rotors.

Circuit Breakers.

Switch Gears



Substation Isolators and Bushings.

Motors and electrical equipment.

Compressors & Generators.

Why Use Dry Ice Cleaning?

Faster and More Effective Cleaning

Maximized Safety and Productivity.

Decreased Downtime by Cleaning on the Spot

Elimination of Equipment Damage.

Reduction in Waste Disposals/Solvents.

Clean and Environmentally Friendly.

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