Portable Cleaning Machines 

Portable & rechargeable battery-operated Solar PV Module Cleaning Machines (PCM) are made for cleaning the Solar PV module’s glass at economical way and cost-effective single person operation. The PCM’s can carry in a carry case (except the extendable rods) and easy to transport, operate, maintain.

As an optimum utilization of the equipment, single person can clean (daily 8 hours work schedule) 0.5 to 0.8MWp photovoltaic modules. It is recommended maximum 4 hours continuous operation with 10 minutes switch off while exchanging the discharged / charged battery pack. A Spare battery pack recommended for the 4 hour continuous operation, because one battery pack maximum allowed is 2+ hours operation (theoretically 3 to 4 hours but we recommend to stop after 2 hours continuous operation and connect for charging.

The unit designed to use two modes which are dry dust cleaning and wet cleaning by feeding through the brush assembly water inlet. Water feeding systems are not included in this package, any standard low pressure water feeding systems can connect along with this unit. Please contact BOSON Robotics local channel partner for technical help and operation training.