Molds Cleaning

Dry Ice Cleaning is used effectively to clean different types of molds and other types of equipment. Dry Ice services are eco-friendly and do not produce any secondary waste; instead, it extensively reduces downtime, increases efficiency, and is safe method of cleaning.

Dry Ice is a non-abrasive solution that will not cause any damage or secondary waste to the substrates being cleaned.

Our Applications:

Injection Molds.

HDPE Molds.

Extrusion Dies.

Compression molds.

Metal Injection Molds.

Blow Molds

Technical Molds.

Printing Molds.

Plastic Molds.

Why Use Dry Ice Cleaning?

Faster and More Effective Cleaning

Maximized Safety and Productivity.

Decreased Downtime by Cleaning on the Spot

Elimination of Equipment Damage.

Reduction in Waste Disposals/Solvents.

Clean and Environmentally Friendly.

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