The hyCLEANER® red EVO I cleans different forms of façades, surfaces and materials: very gentle, effective, fast and above all, economic. The machine works with high-pressure water and does not need any electrical connection. Both, the glass and the frames are cleaned simultaneously.
All water leading elements are made out of stainless steel. Purified-water can be used and the glass surfaces dry up, leaving no streaks behind.
A further advantage of hyCLEANER® red EVO I is the running wheels. The do not leave any marks on the surface of the façade – gentle cleaning can be so easy!

Technical Data


Brush width ± 1550 mm
Brush diameter ± 550 mm
Balance of movement max. 1000 mm
Running wheel ∅ big 500 mm
Running wheel ∅ small 260 mm
Total weight min. 120 kg
Traffic load on the surface to be cleaned min. 20 kp/m²
(197 N/m²)
max. 82 kp/m²
(807 N/m²)


Motor.                                                                   .

Water pressure min. 120 bar (1740 psi)
max. 160 bar  (2300 psi)
Water quantity min. 9 l/min.
(1.98 gal/min (UK))
max. 12 l/min.
(2.64 gal/min (UK))
Revolutions regulated via water quantity yes
Lowering speed max. 24 m/min
*depending on degree of soiling
max. 18 m²/min

Benefits for Users:

The innovative technology of the hyCLEANER® red EVO I is configurable, self-explanatory and environmentally friendly.


Economic Arguments:

– Reduced cleaning intervalls due to high cleaning ability and cleaning quality.

– Minimization of labour cost (simple use of the hyCLEANER® red EVO I after a short training).

– Low water consumption compared to manual cleaning methods, gentle on resources.

– The whole hyCLEANER® red EVO I concept is service-friendly and requires only low maintenance.

– Increase of the property’s intrinsic value, as damages caused by permanent soiling cannot occur.

– Cost-effective construction. The use of hyCLEANER® red EVO I can already be considered in the planning stage.

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