Dry Ice Cleaning Services

Dry Ice Cleaning Services in Amman Jordan

Triple A provides environmentally dry ice cleaning that uses dry ice pellets to effectively clean different types of contaminants in place without the use of any toxic chemicals or hazardous substances or cause any secondary waste. Dry Ice Blasting is a leading edge technology , non-abrasive solution alternative to traditional Grit Blasting and sandblasting. It is also well known for reducing downtime, cleaning in place, increases productivity, and efficiency and is the safest method of cleaning using no chemicals or abrasives that can damage the equipment or substrates. It is very safe to clean in major industries and segments without causing any downtime.

Dry Ice Blasting is applied to clean many industries such as Machinery, Power generation, Fire Damage, Foundry Works, Brickwork, Kitchens, , Construction Sites, Petrochemical Industry, Graffiti Removal, Industrial Equipment Cleaning, Food Processing Industry, Printing Press Cleaning, Tank Cleaning, Molds, Exchange Tubes, Concrete, Plastics, aviation industries and many other applications.

Dry Ice Blasting process


When the dry ice pellets are combined with the compressed air and are blasted at the surface, they crack and loosen the bond between the contaminant and the surface being cleaned.


The very low temperature of dry ice (-79c) shock freezes the contaminant, causing it to become brittle and weak. This helps the dry ice crack through and permeate the coating.


The dry ice then penetrates the contaminant and immediately sublimates (changes from a solid to gaseous state). This process results in an x700 increase of volume from the expanding carbon dioxide that helps to lift the contaminant from the surface.

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Why Use Dry Ice Cleaning?

Reduces downtime

Higher and effective cleaning for faster results.

Non- Conductive

Can be used safely on electrical equipment.

No Secondary Waste

Dry Ice Sublimates into the air leaving no residues.

Non- abrasive.

It does not cause any damage to the surface.

Increased Safety

Uses no chemicals or hazardous substances.

Faster and more effective cleaning

Is more efficient and cleans in place without disassembly.


It does not use any water or liquid.

Environmentally friendly

Is eco friendly method compared to sand blasting.

Industries we Serve

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