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Triple A Cleaning Co is a leading specialized cleaning equipment and solutions provider in the industry.

Dry ice
Cleaning Technology

• Faster and more effective cleaning
• Maximized safety and productivity.
• Decreased Downtime through

Bring Life back to your solar system
Solar Panels cleaning

• Minimize your energy yield losses.
• Avoid generation losses up to 35-50 %
• Increase your PV system lifetime.

Bring Life Back to Your Solar System!
Semi Robotic Solutions

- Suitable for all types of installation.
- Increase your PV system lifetime.
- Reduce your energy losses.

Maximize your energy generation!
Fully Robotic Solutions

-Daily cleaning helps generation up to more than 98%.
-No water waste for cleaning solar modules.
-Light weight and non-heavy.
-Avoid generation losses up to 35-50 %

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    Key Benefits of Dry ice Cleaning

    Reduces downtime.

    Higher and effective cleaning for faster results.

    No Secondary waste.

    Dry ice sublimates into the air leaving no residues.

    Increased safety.

    Uses no chemicals or other substances.


    It does not use any water or chemicals.



    Can be used safely on electrical equipment.


    It does not cause any damage to the surface.

    More effective cleaning.

    Is more efficiency than traditional cleaning methods.

    Environmentally friendly

    Is an eco-friendly method compared to grit and sandblasting.

    Cleans in Place

    No need for disassembly of the equipment

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