Triple A

Triple A Cleaning Co is a leading specialized cleaning equipment and solutions provider in the industry.

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Dry ice
Cleaning Technology

• Faster and more effective cleaning
• Maximized safety and productivity.
• Decreased Downtime through


Solar Panels cleaning

• Minimize your energy yield losses.
• Avoid generation losses up to 35-50 %
• Increase your PV system lifetime.

Bring Life Back to Your Solar System!

Semi Robotic Solutions

  •  Suitable for all types of installation.

  •  Increase your PV system lifetime.

  •  Reduce your energy losses.

Maximize your energy generation!

Fully Robotic Solutions

  • Daily cleaning helps generation up to more than 98%.
  •  No water waste for cleaning solar modules.
  • Light weight and non-heavy.
  • Avoid generation losses up to 35-50 %

About Us

Triple A Co is a specialized cleaning equipment and services provider that offers variety of solutions that cater to our customers requirements. Combined with an experienced and trained team of personnel, our company offers different types of machines, services and tools that suit cleaning requirements.

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Dry Ice Cleaning Services.

Solar Panels Cleaning Services.

HVAC Cleaning Services.

Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Services.

Glass and stainless-steel restoration.

Sanitization and disinfection services.

Why Work with us

Our professional solutions and services provide the latest industry standards equipment.
Our offerings of ecofriendly services provide environmentally friendly solutions to our clients gave us a competitive edge and advantages.
We value our clients by offering them best customer service and technical support.

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Our Clients